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Prenatal Yoga Classes
Beautiful blooming bellies on the mats!
Prenatal Yoga Practice Class Description 

We celebrate mothers-to-be, honoring this stage in their lives. We explore yoga postures through verbal description and demonstration, focusing on breathing techniques throughout our practice. We safely establish stability in each pose, strengthening, stretching, honoring our changing bodies, and relaxing our minds. Listening to our bodies, feeling the pose and breathing, we let go of expectations, opening to the experience each moment presents. Final poses in each class encourage deep relaxation.  
Please bring a pillow, a water bottle, and anything else that makes you feel comfortable.
Beginners/General level
Modifications made for all Trimesters
55 mins

Why do Prenatal Yoga?

Prenatal Yoga Reduces Back Pain
A strong core equates to a strong back, and when you practice prenatal yoga, you will strengthen your back, reducing or eliminating back pain during pregnancy and labor as well as after the baby arrives. 
Breathe, Center, and Strengthen
The breathing that you do at a prenatal yoga class teaches you to relax and center, the perfect antidote for labor pain. In fact, prenatal yoga helps many women have a labor free of pain and medical interventions. Yoga also strengthens your entire body, preparing you for the marathon of labor. While you are pregnant, the added lower body strength will help you to carry your baby bump proudly, and once the little bundle of joy arrives, your boosted upper body strength will support your back and limbs as you carry your little one.
Connect with Your Growing Baby
It can be hard to get to know your growing baby when the hustle and bustle of the outside world is so distracting. Prenatal yoga gives you a chance to be quiet with your body while you notice and enjoy your moving and growing baby.
Visualization and Bonding
As you move through the poses, a skilled prenatal yoga teacher can help you understand where your growing baby is positioned. As you visualize finger tips from little flutters, a head from a heavy pressing, or an arm through a fluid motion, you get to “see” your baby. Visualizing the baby before it’s born helps you bond with the baby once it arrives.
Savasana and Inner Calm
During your Savasana at the end of class, you will lie relaxing with your breath. Learning how to relax and find your inner calm is an essential part of eventually becoming the best mother you can be. Unfortunately, as sweet as newborns are, they can also be tiring and frustrating, even for the best mom. Savasanas get you ready for the underbelly of motherhood.
Hello! New Friends
If your first baby is on the way but your friends are still in their party stage, you need to meet some other moms-to-be. Yoga is a fabulous jumping off point to meet new moms. Whether you are a workout guru, a granola hippie, or a yuppie who likes to stay centered, you will find your tribe at a prenatal class.
Moving Past Fear in Birth
Yoga forces you into yourself, into a space that is comfortable with your own stillness, breath, and body. If you have tension or fear around giving birth or enduring labor, getting in contact with your body’s inner strength and beauty is critical. In tune with yourself, you will be able to greet labor and birth from a fear free and powerful angle.
Farewell, Morning Sickness
Yoga can’t completely cure morning sickness, but by allowing your body to relax and get into its proper alignment, yoga helps the digestive system to function more effectively. Digestion naturally slows during labor, but prenatal yoga reduces nausea and can help with heartburn.
Avoiding Preterm Labor
Prenatal yoga, according to the Mayo Clinic, reduces your risk of experiencing preterm labor. It also protects your body from hypertension as well as uterine restrictions that can slow a baby’s growth. It is good for you and your baby.
Labor Moves
Certain poses can help to reduce pain during labor. Whether you are experiencing back labor or intense contractions, there is a yoga move that can help. At a prenatal class, you will fill your artillery with these moves.
Pre-Pregnancy Jeans
The work you do at prenatal yoga will help you keep in shape, making it easier to get back into your pre-pregnancy wardrobe sooner. Yoga poses flatten your abs, lift your bum, and tighten your limbs.
Proper Alignment Reduces Emergency Cesareans
Yoga is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your core and boost your body’s natural alignment. When your body is in its proper alignment, it allows the baby to naturally move into the most advantageous position for birth. By helping you to avoid posterior presentation or a breech baby, yoga reduces your chance of facing an emergency cesarean.
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